Monday, October 18, 2010

Clixsense Contest Starts

A few days after the Clixsense contest has started and even so plenty of members are still installing the toolbar. I guess, the prices were very attracted indeed. Here is what has been announced about the still growing number of joiners.

Click image to view original size.

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I just hope that everything would go smoothly without troubles. Cheaters ain't gonna be tolerated are others of the like. This might be a good deserving price for the winners. Good luck to all.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Boarding Gate [2007]

Boarding Gate is an Action | Drama | Thriller movie and was released in August 2007. The lovely Asia Argento makes this romantic drama so thrilling sexy. It came so natural of her as a drug abuser aiming for a good life through some business but was drag between her old and the new flames.

What this film failed is that the plot of the story was simple yet it was quiet ambiguous as to what Sandra (Argento) should have chosen instead, maybe it was just that complicated in the illegal world of narcotics. Progress was very slow, it also has plenty of fillers, especially those erotic scenes just for some side trip diversion.

This film also brought up a very broad topic that sometimes it's really hard to understand when a person loves. There might be difficulties, maltreatment and other differences between lovers that may produce to love-hate cycle yet both were somewhat still intimate in other ways.

This is a fine sexy thriller movie. I'll have a rating of 5/10 for this film.

  • Story - 4/10
  • Effects - 2/10
  • Casting - 4/10
  • Picture - 3/10
  • Bloodshed - 3/10
  • Nudity - 5/10
  • Action - 4/10
  • Drama - 4/10
  • Comedy - 1/10
  • Horror - 2/10
  • Actors - 3/10
  • Actresses - 6/10

IMDB - Boarding Gate (2007)

Clixsense Toolbar

The other day I had posted about a contest that will be held in accompanied with some attractive prices. More info about that contest here. Clixsense Contest.

An additional information and a little solution for those using the Clixsense toolbar having some issues with Mozilla browser was prompted. It was about the toolbar not showing up in Firefox. However, this issue has been resolved with the new version of Clixsense toolbar.

Click image to view original size.

There still is one day left before the contest starts. To those aiming for some prices and some bucks, prepare the toolbar working beforehand, so as to maximize earnings.

Good luck to every Clixsense joiner!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Clixsense Contest

It was just today when I visited that an announcement about something new of an earning possibility event that will be happening in the next few days within Clixsense.

It was stated that starting October 15th and ending November 15th this year, any Clixsense member who installs the ClixSense toolbar or had it installed prior to the start of the contest and had it installed until the end of contest period will have a chance of winning USD250.00 instantly which will be deposited directly to one's account. That's pretty awesome.

What's another amazing, is that the instruction was just to use the ClixSense toolbar!!! That's kinda catchy, but the details are in the image below.

Click image to view original size:

In summary, to gain entries all to be done is either:
  • install toolbar within duration of contest
  • refer someone and have the referral install the toolbar too
  • submit an ad of at least 100 clicks to Clixsense

To all the members and soon-to-be members of Clixsense, good luck to everyone of us and enjoy!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Subtitles Added

It has been an ideal setting when watching a favorite movie or a new crazed film on-the-block to have it understood, unless you ain't watching at all. However, certain instances may interrupt your moment when a sudden distraction on your hearing occurs, or a corrupted file, or maybe in any way your file had a low audio sync and you're so itchy to have your movie watched that finding another copy is irritating. Then it would come to thought that subs would be of great help.

Many people often request in the net for subtitles, thanks to many subbers, many subs are available in many different languages. As English, the most used language in many beautiful films, it also became a very common of a difficulty to follow the movie's plot, especially, when the film is more of the talking and English is not a native language of yours. Then subtitles became a great aide, well unless if you're annoyed to have been reading rather than watching. I guess, watching anime (Japanese animation films) which is very common in Asia, contributed in the multi-tasking effort of watching the film while reading the subs, honestly - i'm a victim too. LOL!

Then I have decided to add some subtitles to the rated movies that were posted in here. This is new, so, currently only a few have been edited to have the subtitle appended at the bottom of every post, and still looking for the nice subs corresponding to the other previous movie posts.

I hope those who have been here might find the subs helpful.

Enjoy watching or reading, whatever you like!

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