Saturday, October 9, 2010

Subtitles Added

It has been an ideal setting when watching a favorite movie or a new crazed film on-the-block to have it understood, unless you ain't watching at all. However, certain instances may interrupt your moment when a sudden distraction on your hearing occurs, or a corrupted file, or maybe in any way your file had a low audio sync and you're so itchy to have your movie watched that finding another copy is irritating. Then it would come to thought that subs would be of great help.

Many people often request in the net for subtitles, thanks to many subbers, many subs are available in many different languages. As English, the most used language in many beautiful films, it also became a very common of a difficulty to follow the movie's plot, especially, when the film is more of the talking and English is not a native language of yours. Then subtitles became a great aide, well unless if you're annoyed to have been reading rather than watching. I guess, watching anime (Japanese animation films) which is very common in Asia, contributed in the multi-tasking effort of watching the film while reading the subs, honestly - i'm a victim too. LOL!

Then I have decided to add some subtitles to the rated movies that were posted in here. This is new, so, currently only a few have been edited to have the subtitle appended at the bottom of every post, and still looking for the nice subs corresponding to the other previous movie posts.

I hope those who have been here might find the subs helpful.

Enjoy watching or reading, whatever you like!

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