Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Clixsense Contest

It was just today when I visited Clixsense.com that an announcement about something new of an earning possibility event that will be happening in the next few days within Clixsense.

It was stated that starting October 15th and ending November 15th this year, any Clixsense member who installs the ClixSense toolbar or had it installed prior to the start of the contest and had it installed until the end of contest period will have a chance of winning USD250.00 instantly which will be deposited directly to one's account. That's pretty awesome.

What's another amazing, is that the instruction was just to use the ClixSense toolbar!!! That's kinda catchy, but the details are in the image below.

Click image to view original size:

In summary, to gain entries all to be done is either:
  • install toolbar within duration of contest
  • refer someone and have the referral install the toolbar too
  • submit an ad of at least 100 clicks to Clixsense

To all the members and soon-to-be members of Clixsense, good luck to everyone of us and enjoy!!!

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