Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lower Fees in Paypal

Admin brought some very good news for you all Palmbux members. The promise that something good will happen about the Fees. The team had just initiated the process after many phone calls and meetings with PayPal staff. The announcement made yesterday was all about fees, about lowering fees. And, it is with Paypal.

Here's what admin said:

How it works:

They ask us to keep the money flow in some sort of control and they are ready to chop our fees more then 50%. So they want us to test this system to see if it is possible and could be done properly.

Therefore from now on, cashouts will be in a certain ratio of the receipts of that day (Which Paypal Decides). We are not stopping cashouts, its just that the Flow of money to palmbux will affect how much goes out.

Benefits for this system:
  1. Paypal explained us pretty well that this system will see to it that the health of Palmbux is always intact and it keeps paying.
  2. Users wont have to pay high Fees.
  3. Friendly relations with paypal are always good
  4. Upcoming new features from PayPal exclusively for PalmBux
But i guess Paypal will reduce the fees for us after some days of testing.The day they reduce it, we will reduce it here and notify you all.

And finally, V3 preparations are in full force.
You guys are going to love it ;)

Palmbux Team

Here's the full forum discussion.
24th Nov.: Cooperation with PayPal (Fees)

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I guess, that is one of a great news. That's a great update, especially when V3 is also coming up. As what admin strongly stated, members are going to love it. Can't wait on that.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Half A Million Money

Palmbux Team, have announced the other day about a very great achievement in the history of Palmbux. I guess, the date is very noted date for all the members, and especially to the Palmbux Team.

Here's what Palmbux said,
Hello dear PalmBux family.

Today, Palmbux reached the achievement of having paid out more than $500,000 US dollars! In a 1 month and 2 days, Palmbux paid out more than $100,000 if THAT isn't an achievement, then tell me what it is.

Without doubts, I can say that this will be one of the most remembered dates in the history of PalmBux!

Congratulations to everybody who have received a share of these $500,000 and a huge thumbs up to those who will soon receive their first payment

A HUGE thanks to the Palmbux family which you, and I and everybody belongs to. And last but not least, a humongous congratulation & thanks to everybody who contributed to make this possible. I am talking about everybody who invested their money and time in Palmbux. You are the ones whom made this possible

And of course not to forget, our beloved admin and staff team, which I have the pleasure of belonging to. And also, An official thanks from me, for being welcomed with such open arms in the Palmbux Team.

Here's the full forum discussion.
16 November 2009 - $ 500000 paid.

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This is really one great achievement of Palmbux. With this, it would be an indication that Palmbux is growing and is heading for the better. As members are proud and happy with this event, many also would trust Palmbux as one of the very few legit PTC sites around. Congrats Palmbux!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

V3 Date

It has been long awaited that the next version of Palmbux would be online. Now, the Palmbux Team have announced the fixed date for its release.

Here's what admin said:

we have now our date for V3! it will be the 6 Dec 2009

why 6 December?
because 6 December is our Palmbux birthday

you will get more information about V3 in the next weeks.

best regards
Palmbux Team

Here's the full forum discussion.
The V3 Date.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Palmbux - Second Payment

Today I was paid by Palmbux. Although this was my 2nd cashout, this was my first cashout in the new server. This means that minor problems with the new server were already resolved together with the cashout problem. I am happy that Palmbux remained great up this time.

Click image to view full size:

Site Info:

  • PTC Name : Palmbux
  • Status : Active
  • Payment : Instant
  • Min Cashout : $2
  • Payout Options : PayPal & AlertPay
Membership Info:
  • Membership : Standard
  • Length of Activity : 3 mos.
  • Times Paid : 2nd
I'm hoping for more payments to come. I aim to have monthly cash outs, and not only that, it should be increasing.

And get tutorials, tips & techniques from me..

Friday, November 13, 2009

25% Discount

Today, the Palmbux Team announced of a good news. Well, it is what most shoppers and consumers are waiting almost all of the time. A 25% discount. It is a discount on renewing the refs you have. Hmm, that sounds interesting. Why would that be given?

Here's what the team said,
Hello Palmbux family,

the Palmbux want to say sorry for the problems last days and the downtime, so what can we do for you? Yes, we can make a discount for you! 25% for renewing!

start : 13th nov
end : 14th nov

we wish you a nice weekend!

best regards
your palmbux team!

Here's the full forum discussion.
13th: Good news! 25% Discount for renewing!

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This is so nice of Palmbux Team. This is the biggest discount given in any PTC site in any category that I have ever seen. That is a nice move from the Palmbux Team, well, as always. With the better server, hope Palmbux would continue do great.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

No cash during Cashout!

A few days have passed since the return of Palmbux with its new server. A message from Palmbux Team proudly announcing the success of the transfer to the new server. Refer to my previous post for info about this. Palmbux is back!

As was claimed, there still have some minor problems that are needed to b resolved. Now, one of the problems, which I noticed when I was about to cashout, a prompt appeared that surprised me with its message. All payments are currently disabled. I was about to send a support ticket when I browsed at the forum for info and I saw a post about it. I knew that it only did not happened to me.

View this post for info. What Happened To cashout?

Although, I'm not dismayed for not having some cashout today, I knew they won't keep my earned money. This might have been temporarily disabled due to some minor problems that are to be resolved. I think this is a good move from the Palmbux Team to prevent further bigger problems which might arise when money is on the line.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ninth Payment

Here's a quick update. I was just paid by Neobux. This is my ninth payment. After for a few months now, I have been paid without fail for nine times already. Good job Neobux. Gotta invite more to join with me.

Please refer hers for the details.
Ninth Payment.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Palmbux is back!

After a few days down because of new server transfer, Palmbux is now back to business. Although, there were a few bugs found that slows down the site, the Palmbux Team promised that it will be fixed in no time. Just like what they always did. Eventually, everything seemed fine today, except that, banners and smileys are not yet showing up. Well, i guess I'll just wait until this would have resolved. I believe in the Palmbux Team. And yes, it's a lot faster than the previous server. Horray!!!

Here's the full forum discussion,
Welcome Back!!!

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This new server is a lot faster than the previous one in terms of viewing ads, renting refs, site browsing, etc. Many are now happy with this new event of Palmbux. I hope this just won't be good for a start, but this would maintain like this. Another good job from the Palmbux Team!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cross Browser Security

This feature have been running in Palmbux for a while now. I just thought this might be nice to post this pretty feature, yeah I find this nice. This is called the Cross Browser Session Tracking which was just implemented last September, which is one of the new security measures of Palmbux.

How would this work?
Simple.. If one would try to log-in with different browsers at the same time, it would be detected. And the outcome, would be a 30-minute ban from logging in Palmbux.

What should be done?
Now, all members are requested to follow one usage guidance after logging in, it is to click 'Log Out' before leaving PalmBux site.

Here's the full forum discussion.
Topic: MUST See - New Security implemented.

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This feature might be a little bothersome if you forgot to click the Log Out link.. Actually, I was banned for once, and had learned my lesson.. It's funny when at the same time you were banned, referrals would be available, or bonus ads would come out.. It really pays to follow rules, sometimes, lolz.. But recently, I have noticed that this feature might have been lessen the degree of banning.. If you let your opened account left for a few more minutes without activities in it, the feature of auto-logout would override, and when you try to access the site, you'll be prompted with the login page without the 30 minute ban. Well, maybe I have just left the site unattended more than the alloted banned time, so that's what has prompted me..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Svbux Renting Time

The Svbux renting time was initially set last August 2009 to be every 6:00 and 20:00 o'clock (server time) where Referrals Packs will available for rent everyday. And, as a disclaimer, admin said that unless some technical difficulties arise or not enough referrals for sale, referrals would be available.

Last September 2009, there were changes to schedule and it was re-set to be every 01:00, 07:00, 13:00, and 19:00 server time. This new schedule has been followed for all Svbux members for now.

Server Time:
  • 01:00 (1:00 AM)
  • 07:00 (7:00 AM)
  • 13:00 (1:00 PM)
  • 19:00(7:00 AM)

Here's the forum discussion. Renting Referrals Time.

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SvBux - Simplicity And Innovativeness!

I guess the initial time schedule is quite too tight given the fact that there are thousands of Svbux members hunting for refs. With this changed schedule, this would make it easier for all the members worldwide to adjust once preference towards renting refs. Having four renting time schedules is great enough to cover all time zones.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sv Investor now Official

Last Sunday, admin posted about some good news. It is that Sv Investor, the new membership account added to the system, has been officially launched. This is a continuation of Sv Investor added.

Here's what admin said,
Sv Investor Membership has been officially launched.
The price is:
- 449$ From Business to Investor
- 528$ From Standard to Investor.

Rental Queue for Business Members has been added.
The prices are:
Standard Queue - 35$ for 100 referrals (48 hours)
Express Queue - 45$ for 100 referrals (24 hours)

And the price for tickets in Referrals Jackpot has been changed from 2$ to 2.5$ per ticket.

Here's the full forum discussion. Sunday News.

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SvBux - Simplicity And Innovativeness!

Now, that this newly added membership account type is now officially launched, many Standard and Business members would be enjoying with this new way to make more money.

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