Saturday, November 19, 2011

Invisible Folder For Windows

I know that you know what a folder is, especially for Windows OS users. Most Operating Systems are supporting the folder structuring of making files in order. Probably that's basic but, have you seen an invisible folder? Or did you not think to create one? Well, maybe it would not be that much useful, but how about hiding other files or the private files - like hiding games from your boss - LOL!

Please note that this will NOT encrypt your folder for full protection of your files. It's just like a sneaky folder hidden from the naked eye. This trick is only for Windows OS, haven't tried on other OS though, but I think it still would work but in a different set of keys, I'll look on this later.

Create An Invisible Folder

Monday, October 31, 2011

Super Fast Shutdown

This might not be a new one but somehow this could be quite a good app to have - not that you don't know how to shutdown your computer.. LOL! Maybe you are in a hurry or maybe you are too lazy to wait for the regular time of shutting down your PC, which could take a few seconds, minutes or more. This app is a bit faster than from that previous post Create A Shutdown Shortcut.

Software Information:
  • Product Name : Super Fast Shutdown
  • File Type : Application
  • File Version :
  • File Size : 876KB
  • Author : Waresoft Software
  • Category : Utilities - System Maintenance
  • Release Date : April 20, 2009
  • Operating Systems : Win2000/NT, WinXP or later

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Your Highness [2011]

Your Highness is an Adventure | Comedy movie and was released in April 2011. It started when Prince Fabious (Franco) arrived in their kingdom of Mourne from his quest when the wicked wizard Leezar (Theroux) took his bride-to-be Belladonna (Deschanel). Now Fabious will began a new quest to save his love along with his easy-going, weed-lover and jealous brother Prince Thadeous (McBride). Though betrayed by their companions, they met a new friend Isabel (Portman) having the same quest of defeating Leezar. Together, they must hurry before the twin moon aligns and the evil wizard continues his evil plans.

Friday, October 14, 2011

uTris In uTorrent

uTorrent is a widely used bit torrent client in the net now. I could say, the hottest one today. And if you don't know what this is, then welcome to earth my friend.. LMAO! 

Now, do you know something about uTris? Maybe you might have known this already, but somehow I find this cute and I never had imagined that this existed in uTorrent. Not a high end app or an overwhelming feature from this beautiful software, but if you want to waste some little time, yo might find this a bit good. A friend got hooked into this for a while and I LOLed at her.. (",)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is Your Antivirus Software Real

If you are a computer fanatic, especially if you are online, then you must have known about anitivirus - it's importance - more or less, especially when you are using Windows OS. Have you ever thought of a better AV software or even a good one? How about let's test your AV software if it really is working as it is supposed to be and so you know you are protected - at least. 

Now, here's what we are going to do. Test your antivirus software with this simple code. You will create your own file so no need to download anything. The code is secure and its not going to infect your computer in whatever way. It is a standard text developed by the European Institute for Computer Anti-virus Research - EICAR. Every AV is programed to load this file as a virus. Otherwise, that means your AV ain't what you are looking for and you better find a better one.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

True Legend [2010]

True Legend is an Action | Drama movie and was released in February 2010. After retiring being a general, Su Can (Man Cheuk Chiu) lived a respectable life along with his wife and son. Then his vengeful brother, Yuan (Andy On) returns home as a new district governor armed with the deadly Five Venom Fists, beheaded his stepfather who ought to have killed his biological father due to practicing the forbidden technique, defeated Su Can and took Su Can's son with him. As Su Can healed, he learned a unique martial arts style - the Drunken Fist - directly from the Wushu god. After mastering the new technique, he rises to honor his family through retribution fighting his brother in a battle to the death. Now, it's his time to save his family and himself from total destruction.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nightmare On Elm Street [2010]

A Nightmare On Elm Street is a Horror | Mystery | Thriller movie and was released in April 2010. A remake of the 1984 movie of the same title. A group of teens in a certain town were haunted in their dreams by the infamous claw-handed Freddy. As the teens tried to identify this horror in their lives they ought to find a different truth tracing way back from their childhood hidden from them by their parents, they can't go to sleep in any moment. Now, as almost everybody are getting killed and are taking micro naps due to lack of sleep, a couple of those that were left got to do something before Freddy owns them.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

How To Make Thumbnails

Making thumbnails is usually used for screenshots to publish quality of a movie file with respect to the video. It serves as a preview of the movie. 

There are many software to create or generate thumbnails. But this guide will tackle on using Media Player Classic. Since I'm also using this media player then we can utilize its feature to create a thumbnail. It's easy and fast with a few instructions. It's like counting 1 to 10.. LMAO!

Before we start make sure you have the MPC installed in your computer. You can get it on many Codec Packs available since this media player is usually included in those packs like K-Lite Codec Pack, XP Codec Pack, and more. Or you can directly get it at FileHippo MPC.

Why use this software?

Create A Shutdown Shortcut

Maybe you are too tired to go to Start click Shutdown then a window will appear, probably may not appear quickly when there are some program lags. Or maybe too lazy to press the shutdown button in your PC because the CPU is far from your monitor or from you.

Now you can make a shortcut where you can click it and shutdown you computer in a couple of seconds. Not only that it shuts down the computer faster it also is handy and easy to use. LOL! I feel like I'm selling something. (",)

Note: This technique is for Windows OS only.

Here's How To Create:

Friday, August 19, 2011

Boost Your Firefox

If you are using the Mozilla Firefox browser and find that your browsing is a bit slower like loading texts or images, here are some tweaks that would help improve the browsing experience.

These tweaks would enhance your Firefox browser up to 70% in total performance - lol! i ain't selling anything. How was this possible? Well, have tried this and plenty of other Firefox users too.

Go to Firefox Configurations Page
  1. Open Firefox browser
  2. in the URL bar, type "about:config"

When Dangerous Animals Behave


Friday, August 12, 2011

Shelter [2010]


Shelter is a Horror | Mystery | Suspense movie and was released in March 2010. Cara Harding (Moore) was intrigued about the multiple personality of a man whom her psychiatrist father Dr. Harding (DeMunn) had been observing. At first, Cara was reluctant to take the case of David (Meyers), but after a few assessments, she got curious as to the people and events she uncovered were relating to something paranormal. Then, as she went deeper into the case and was wanting to help David, her faith was put to the test and her family to danger. Now, she needs to solidify her faith and act quickly before crimes further be committed and her family be taken.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger [2011]

Captain America: The First Avenger is an Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi movie and was released on July 2011. This is an early story of the rise of Captain America. As Steve Rogers (Evans) tried to get enlisted in the army he got rejected due to his unfit physical attributes and health problems. He then found his hopes with Dr. Abraham Erskine (Tucci) when Rogers volunteered in an experimental program that turned him into a super soldier. After successfully saving his best friend together with imprisoned soldiers, Captain America became a true soldier and hero. As Howard Stark (Cooper) developed the impregnable shield and reliable soldiers along with him, Captain America leads to stop the menace of Red Skull (Weaving) for world domination.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Animal Photobombs

Photobomb: to hop in a picture right before it is taken. Here are some animal photobombs that are really hilarious and at the same time cute - some are maybe in another way. A few were edited but still funny.


Avast! Antivirus

avast!, have been using this antivirus software for a few years now since other AV software previously used did not give me what was expected. This has been atop of my PC securities currently used. At first, I tried the avast! Free AntiVirus, there was this unique online registration for your Home-based use of the free software, which gave some more securities than the unregistered one. The software did great for me, though not really a heavy internet user, I decided to go avast! Pro Antivirus. Now, they're giving some discounts for customers and it's about 75% off for upgrading your current AV for a 1-year license for one unit.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Buried [2010]


Buried is a Drama | Thriller movie and was released in September 2010. Paul Conroy (Reynolds), a U.S. truck driver working in Iraq, woke and found himself buried alive in a coffin somewhere unknown. The tools he has were a lighter, a cell phone, and his watch. Now, as time is running out, all he needs to do is to find help before everything will be over for him.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Forum Smileys

Ever been to forums? Everybody must have gone to any forums. In the web, it is an essential place for communication. However, some forums just lack some needed or wanted smileys. 

Now, if ever you're active in forums, this might give a hand. This is a page containing still and moving smileys. It could be bookmarked and be used anytime on once preference.

Personally, this did come in handy..

Smilie List - FileFront Gaming Forums


Friday, June 10, 2011

X-Men: First Class [2011]

X-Men: First Class is an Action | Adventure movie and was released in June 2011.This explained how the X-Men was formed. It started with Charles Xavier (Professor X) professor of genetics and mutation together with his long time friend Raven (Mystique), were asked to elaborate and investigate some events relating to some unknown beings. Upon seeking the villain, Charles met and saved Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto). Now, along with Henry McCoy (Beast), they reorganize under the roof of the government (CIA) to locate other mutants. Then, Sebastian Shaw (villain) showing no intentions of giving up tried to get the world into nuclear war, backed with some strong mutants, they fought against the first class of X-Men.

Friday, May 27, 2011

What Happened To Palmbux?

It has been like weeks, probably a month now, I noticed that Palmbux isn't loading the pages and consequently accounts can't be accessed. Being a member, for quite a while, I have been checking this site daily hoping that I could get back into my Palmbux account. However, until now, Palmbux ain't online yet.Though I was just quiet about this before, but now I think something is really wrong about it. Then suspicions and doubts now came flooding, not just from me, but also to other members. 

What Really Happened?

Nomad: The Warrior [2005]

Nomad: The Warrior is a History | War movie and was released in July 2005. It's a story of a leader chosen from the prophecy to lead and reunite the divided clans and tribes that was once built by the great Genghis Khan. The rival tribe tried to stop the prophecy, however, the child lived. Trained and hidden under the care of Oraz the wise, became a good warrior and proved that he could be a great ruler and became the famous Ablai Khan..

Friday, May 20, 2011

Disaster Preparations And Zombies

Never have thought that this could happen outside Hollywood or beyond the widths of the TV screens at your home or the theaters near you - LOL! But here is one shocking post - or should this be an announcement - for disaster preparations and not just to the commonly known disasters but also to the one that could be really disastrous, aahhmmm, well it's according to the tons of reliable movies I saw. And what's interesting is that CDC recommends it.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bruno [2009]

Brüno is a Comedy movie and was released in July 2009. A gay Australian fashionista, Brüno, tried his fame worldwide as he moved to US and reinvent himself after being disgraced from his popular show - Funkyzeit. Accompanyed by Lutz, the only person left that still believes in Brüno's greatness, they both struggle for their dreams, however, their relationship and everything began to fall.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Armored [2009]

Armored is an Action | Crime movie and was released in December 2009. Plotting a heist against their own company, a crew of armored transport security firm employees aimed to steal a truck containing loads of money to live their dreams and be off with life. Though the plan seemed perfect, a newbie war veteran guard was coerced by his godfather-like senior employee to be part of the group. However, this leads them to unexpected turn of events and deadly encounters.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Amelia [2009]

Amelia is an Adventure | Biography | Drama movie and was released in October 2009. The story was all about the attempt of this legendary American pilot to fly around the world. Though a seemingly failed romantic story she had, her determination amidst all odds was undeterred. Hilary did quite a good drama in here. A sad but motivational movie about love and dreams.

How To Get Subtitles

This guide will help you download subtitles using Media Player Classic (MPC). The preferred player is MPC Home Cinema. You can download subtitles without opening any website using ISDb protocol. has loads of subs. This info was originally posted in the said site. I started using this for a very long time then and still very helpful with me and hopefully also to those who seeks this. A big thanks and credits to the owner (OS). I have just modified some parts for latest versions of MPC-HC.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thor [2011]


Thor is an Action | Adventure movie and was released in April 2011. Being the heir to the throne, this powerful but arrogant warrior was banished from Asgard to Earth by his father Odin for reigniting an ancient war. Now his jealous brother Loki, which holds a key as treaty from their archenemy, seeks for his place to the throne and is trying to do anything. As Thor attempts to get his hammer back and return to Asgard, he is getting along with the humans especially Jane.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

14 Blades [2010]

14 Blades is an Action | Drama | History movie and was released in February 2010. A story started from the physically and mentally tortured orphans raised to be the best soldiers and assassins whose job is to execute orders from the emperor where evil lurks within the family. Donnie Yen became the head of the guards but was about to be betrayed.

Firefox 4

Recently, Mozilla has released the 4th version of their web browser Firefox. After Firefox 3.6, the new version is quite different from the original version, or shall I say versions, of Firefox. The look, the feel, the over-all feat is like totally different. I thought of it as a different web browser at first glance. LOL! However, it's more likely quite a bit awesome than before.

Here are some nice updates:

Friday, April 29, 2011

How to Download from Youtube

Being one of the famous, if not the most, video streaming site in the web today. Youtube archives tons of video files. Sometimes videos shared are cool and awesome, and having a local copy is quite a good option especially when you really liked the shared video.

However, these videos can't be downloaded just instantly as the site does not feature it. But the good part is that some easy tools are available to help with this process. And the best part is that these tools are free.

Before you can start the service, these applications must first be downloaded and be installed in your PCs (the links are in the References below). These files are just small-size applications and has easy-to-follow installation instructions. Just don't forget, you can install both but just one is fine.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lovely and Great Beaches

Here are nine lovely and great beaches destinations arranged alphabetically.

Grand Bahama, Bahamas. Grand Bahama Island is called the Hong Kong of the Americas. A blend of the old and new. The island is the second most popular tourist destination in the Bahamas. Here you will find long stretches of deserted clean-white beaches, inviting hotels, one major casino, night-time entertainment and world-class scuba diving facilities and land and sea sports.

Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands, Caribbean. Seven Mile Beach is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. The beach is also lined with pine and palm trees in some spots, so there is shade from the hot sun. Thanks to the relatively calm water conditions, swimming and snorkeling top the list of things to do at Seven Mile Beach, and there is no shortage of shops and restaurants to visit when a break from the water is in order. Snorkeling is just one of the many options for things to do at Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, and diving enthusiasts will also be in their element.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Tournament [2009]

The Tournament is an Action | Thriller movie and was released in October 2009. This film is filled with assassins wanting redemption. The huge amount of money at stake is quite the motivation.

What this film failed is that the actors quite did not deliver the intensity of their situation. Also, plenty of killers

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

View History In uTorrent

Those familiar with torrents might also have encountered with uTorrent, a powerful and light client, and this might be useful to find or view the history of current and previously downloaded torrents. Deleting  or removing torrent(s) from the client would only remove it from the interface. However, the actual torrent file is stored somewhere else which could be viewed anytime.

There are two ways to do it:
  1. Enable - show hidden folders
  2. Directly go to the folder

First, enable 'Show hidden files, folders or drives', this might vary from different Operating System used but the procedure is the same.

Show hidden files:

Friday, April 8, 2011

Alcoholic Drinks

It has been centuries that these items became one of the most famous and widely distributed products worldwide. A fan myself, had encountered a few, but I must admit there still a lot more to be tasted, LOL! I'd say this is one of the best discoveries mankind ever achieved. The ingenuity of those genius makers is astounding. And the drunkenness state of a human being is inevitably awesome and at the same time hilarious, LOL! Well, here's a list of some alcoholic drinks I have known from A to Z.

A - Absolut(Vodka), Absinthe, Aperitif
B - Baileys(Irish Cream), Beer, Brandy, Budweiser(Beer), Becks(Beer), Blowjob(Cocktail), Bourbon, Bombay Sapphire(Gin)

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Auteur [2008]

The Auteur is an Adult | Comedy movie and was released in April 2008. The script is vulgar but witty and gutsy. The totality of the film is filled with pot-smoking, nudity, sex, and camera.

What this film failed is that this might have been an erotic film in the making, well maybe because it is the story of a porn director who is trying to get his life back despite his personal shortcomings. It's like "better have a lap dance", but hey, it's also a biography of a great porn maker, and how he did it.. LOL!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Spy Next Door [2010]

The Spy Next Door is an Action | Comedy movie and was released in January 2010. Another good movie from Jackie Chan but somewhat a little light one. This movie is not the typical police story - probably because he's a retired spy in here, or another political influenced flick. The action choreography and stunts were nice, as Jackie is always on his films.

What this movie failed is that the tandem of Amber Valletta (Gillian) and Jackie Chan (Bob) is not quite effective and there's some missing chemistry between them. Probably due to normal life incompetence of a tough CIA spy. LOL!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

How To Open CBZ/CBR files

What is CBZ/CBR?
It is a file extension used for Comic Book Archives packaged with the ZIP compression. The extensions .cbz and .cbr are for Comic Book Zip and Comic Book Rar respectively. It is used for the purpose of viewing the images in sequence with an image viewer and simplifying file maintenance. These .cbz and .cbr files usually contain PNG or JPEG files. GIF, BMP, and TIFF files are occasionally seen.

There Are Two Ways To Open These Files:
  1. Extract contents using any archive utility. The contents can be extracted using any archive utility that can read ZIP and RAR files, like WinRar, TugZip, ZipGenius, BeZipped, etc.
  2. View contents using image viewing utility. A recommended application is CDisplay.

What is CDisplay?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Clixsense Offline

There was an announcement from Clixsense that the site would be offline for a day. This is a big deal, not because something bad has happened to Clixsense, but the new looks or rather the new Clixsense will be up soon.

Click image to view original size.

Hopefully, there would be no delays or problems arise. Also, some new stuffs going to be featured, some contests maybe or some gifts. All members might be excited about this.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Clixsense Upcoming New Website

An announcement from Clixsense about the upcoming new looks. In about 5 days from now, the new Clixsense website will be online. The staff are anxious but also excited about it. The image below would show further details.

Click image to view original size.

Also, this new website together with the Clixsense toolbar would give much help than before. 5 days would be not that long anyways. Hopefully, everything's be fine when that time comes.

Daybreakers [2010]

Daybreakers is an Action | Horror | Thriller movie that was released in September 2009 for Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and on January 2010 worldwide.

It has quite a nice concept of farming humans that makes this movie horrifying though it may be a common vampire-movie on first impression. However, just thinking about it could give chills.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Clixsense Reminder

Yesterday, Clixsense gave some reminders regarding payments. Since today is the last day of the month, tomorrow midnight the payments, if available, will be done automatically.

Click image to view original size.

This information was a reminder to adjust the payment setting, so as to prevent unexpected balance transfer.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kickass Torcache

The Problem

This webpage (image) is shown when attempting to download a torrent file. Though the reason behind problem is actually unknown nor it is from the host website, an easy solution is available.

Click image to view original size.

Here is the Solution when that page appeared

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Clixsense On Google Chrome

The Clixsense toolbar quite had the name after the success of the held Clixsense series of contests with the aide of their toolbar.

The releases were thought to have been intended for Mozillla Firefox and Internet Explorer only. However, as other web browsers are also popular and are widely used, a toolbar for those web browser may be beneficial after all.

So far, Clixsense toolbar is now available for:
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome

Click image to view original size.

Although, the release of the toolbar for Google Chrome would be in a few weeks, this new version could help expand Clixsense around the web.
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