Saturday, June 12, 2010

Similar Scripts

It was just recently that I discovered this new ad that was published in one of the PTC sites active in the web today. I wasn't able to notice right away that this new ad was somewhat similar with another PTC site, until when I was viewing this ad and at the same time I was accessing the other PTC site.

High Yield Investment Fund may be using a similar script with Clix Sense. As far as I have known, Clix Sense have been online for a few years now before High Yield Investment Fund went online. Whoever did business first or is making a lot of money, they both have similar appearance.

Click image to view original size.

It seems that recently, a number of PTC sites have been using the same scripts. Those were usually the scripts being used by PTC sites that have been online for a longer period of time now and had probably stood many difficulties all through out. There might be many reasons why this is happening, may be some of these are security, stability, ease, time, and management.

Here are some points of view I have seen in using similar scripts:

  • it is easier to have a ready-to-use script than create a new one, especially when the owner knows less of the coding
  • the site can run as soon as possible and make money (hopefully)
  • owner will have all the focus on the management side rather than the development side
  • the scripts were already tested and proven by the older PTC site(s)
  • if the older PTC site has been standing still as of today, then the script might have been very effective and may offer security for members (aside from additional internal coding made personally by the owner)

  • to acquire the script it must be bought
  • the PTC site owner don't know much of the codes or the technical aspects of the script
  • it might take a longer time to fix technical problems if something goes wrong unless the owner understands the codes
  • the PTC site seems not unique (may be copycat)
  • it arises doubts, especially when the previous script user was closed

There is nothing pernicious in using a common script unless it's illegal, especially when copyrights is around. What makes a PTC site robust are the facts that the owner wants a fair game, script is fully tested and is constantly checked, usage of other helpful tools for protection, and taking good care of the networks. In the end, whether the PTC site would last or the other way around, it's the intention that counts.

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