Monday, October 19, 2009

10 Traits of Men And Women

I found this nice survey about traits of Men and Women. Although, the survey was conducted mostly on Japanese people, but, the result is pretty universal. A few might not agree, but, mostly will. The survey is about the most common traits of Men and Women about the reason that the opposite sex could not understand their counterpart and the usual question that arises in every particular is "WHY?"

For Men,

Top 10 Male Traits Which Make Women Say “Why?”
When 8,500 Japanese women were asked what it. They found it inexplicable about male behavior.

The result:
  1. They spit on the sidewalk
  2. They buy the stupidest of things
  3. They tell barefaced lies
  4. They contact you even after you break up with them
  5. They think women who act like children are “cute”
  6. They refuse to retrace their steps when they go the wrong way
  7. They brag about health problems
  8. They don’t throw out the rubbish in their rooms
  9. They often respond absentmindedly
  10. They drink canned soda/coffee all the time

For Women,

Top 10 Female Traits Which Make Men Say “Why?”
When 10,000 Japanese men were asked what it. They found it inexplicable about female behavior.

The Result:
  1. They diet excessively
  2. If one of them says “cute!”, the rest all start saying it too
  3. They all go to the toilet together
  4. They say “I’ll leave it to you,” but then moan about your choice
  5. They take forever shopping
  6. They shave their eyebrows to draw them on
  7. They put on makeup every single day
  8. They become obsessed with fortune telling
  9. They say what they are thinking in the most indirect manner possible
  10. They have an infinite appetite for sweets


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