Sunday, October 9, 2011

Create A Shutdown Shortcut

Maybe you are too tired to go to Start click Shutdown then a window will appear, probably may not appear quickly when there are some program lags. Or maybe too lazy to press the shutdown button in your PC because the CPU is far from your monitor or from you.

Now you can make a shortcut where you can click it and shutdown you computer in a couple of seconds. Not only that it shuts down the computer faster it also is handy and easy to use. LOL! I feel like I'm selling something. (",)

Note: This technique is for Windows OS only.

Here's How To Create:

1. Right click on Desktop (anywhere would do)2. An option pane will appear. Select New > Shortcut
3. A window will appear asking you to enter a location

4. Enter this in the textbox as the location
C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -s -t 01
5. Click Next. Another window will appear asking the filename of the shortcut. It's name is shutdown by default. You can have any name you like.

6. After that, a file would be created and you will have your shortcut file which would look like this.

7. Then you can change the icon. This is optional if you want the icon in #6. But if you want to change the icon, here's how. Right click on the shutdown shortcut you have just created and select Properties. A window will appear. Click the "Change Icon" button. Another window will appear. You can select any icon you prefer, say the shutdown icon for example.

8. Click OK and a second OK. After that, you will have a shutdown shortcut file with a descriptive icon.

PS: Please don't be naughty and change the icon into something that someone might be curious to double-click and open the file. Ok, you might want to have this as a prank, but do it responsibly.

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