Friday, August 20, 2010

Siren X [2008]

Siren X is an Adult | Horror | Thriller movie that was released in May 2008. It has been a folktale in some countries about some powerful being alluring people, treating them well, and give them their heat desires, ending in some tragic events like removal of limbs, flesh be eaten, or soul be taken. This time, it's a beautiful, lustful demon in a form of a woman singing attractive songs that men could not endure but succumb to their sexual desires tricked for having their souls in exchange of the pleasure.

What this movie failed is that, the she-demon should have been charming men to fall in line to have an intense moment with her, so as the title described - she could have a daily dosage then. But it seemed that she only sang when a man had actually seen her, there are not much singing scenes either and I can't even hear her voice. It's like being focused more on the "X" side instead of the "Siren" side - I guess that would be a sexy, pretty, and luscious cast be portrayed. She also had followed some guys to some places just to have fun with him - includes the murders - instead of those guys being following her. But maybe, that would a lustful demon could do, especially when she had eyed a stag to play on longer.

This is a not so good creepy and busty film, but it gave me some chills thinking that beautiful women might have intentions as a hungry sensual demon. Just don't let some kids be left to watch this alone - they might get scared. I'll have a 4/10 rating for this movie.

  • Story - 3/10
  • Effects - 3/10
  • Casting - 4/10
  • Picture - 4/10
  • Bloodshed - 4/10
  • Nudity - 7/10
  • Action - 3/10
  • Drama - 3/10
  • Comedy - 2/10
  • Horror - 4/10
  • Actors - 3/10
  • Actresses - 4/10

IMDB - Siren X (2008)

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