Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Warning From Clixsense

It was just recently that Clixsense made some announcements and some, shall I say, enlightening information. Although this PTC site has been on business for a while now, they still are opting for for further improvements in their website and services - in general, the business.

Here are their advices:

First, they had some issues with proxy servers, and as a solution to that, they would be blocking some proxy addresses in the near future. However, they were open with dynamic IP addresses provided by the ISPs.

And, secondly, they had reminded the members to be careful with PTC sites. Many and so many PTC sites were reported to be bogus and has been tricking people for money. The most important thing between the PTC site and the members are the accounts that connects the two in to conduct business. If these accounts are disclosed, many could possibly happen, and one of the great events would be loss of profit.

The image below is the complete message rendered by Clixsense. This reminder may also serve as a warning to everybody so as to keep their guard up, especially when you care about your investment, business, and information.

Click image to view original size.

This is a nice move from Clixsense. And, the promised more improvements to come is very much awaited, especially to the members. Kudos to Clixsense.

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