Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Paypal Issues In Palmbux

Yesterday, an edit to the post by admin has made some greater hopes on resolving the problem very soon. Paypal had started the year with some issues. With the paypal accounts currently disabled in Palmbux for cashout, members that uses Paypal as payment merchant are uncomfortable with the current situation. Are they that strict? Or is that part of their security measures?

Here's what admin said:
Hmm, maybe today is our happy day? PayPal wrote us now that all documents are okay and verified.

We just need to give them one more proof, that we are really the owners of PalmBux.

Yeah, nice joke, how to proof this?! But dont worry, we make it happen and send them enough proofs tomorrow and call them again if the proofs are okay.

It looks as we will solve this soon ;)

Here's the full detail:
25th Jan: Information about PayPal

Join me at PALMBUX!

I guess Paypal won't let one of their great customers get lose and turn to some other services. With persistent admin and members, this problem won't be that long to be over.

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