Sunday, July 11, 2010

Palmbux Is Down

What happened?

It may not be an uncommon event in the internet, especially when a site is a PTC site, that a website would be down. As of today Palmbux is down. That means the site is currently offline and is not accessible. If you try to access the website, you would be redirected to a different web page although the URL or the website's address is correct. Yesterday, when I tried to log-in to Palmbux, I was denied of access a few times and an error was displayed that there was a Network Error then blah blah.. I thought that the site has been blocked automatically, so I had my blocker temporarily disabled. But to no avail, I was again denied a couple more times. So, I just left it be. Then today when I tried to log-in, although the error message was gone a different web page was displayed (see image below).

Click image to view original size.

On the second thought, maybe Palmbux is under maintenance or construction. If that is the case, what would appear would be a web page indicating the cause. With this page, it would most likely seemed to have some minor problems in terms with the host of the website.

Here are some reasons why the above web page would come out:
  • The web host might have some technical problems. (ironically, i think that page might not appear)
  • The PTC site might not have paid dues on the web host. (this is usually the case)
  • There is a maintenance in the database or transfer to another host. (this is very common)
  • There might have been some misunderstandings between Palmbux and web host admins and turned out to have the services of Palmbux disabled. (jerk! such a kiddie act.. lol..)

What to do?
Well, as for members, there's nothing much we can do but to have faith and wait. As far as I have remembered, this happened before in Palmbux and to other PTC sites that have been online until today. Hopefully, this would not take long of a time so we can continue our Palmbux endeavors.

Here's what the admin and staffs said:
Why new forum?
Palmbux offline? Don't worry... :)
We are back online!


  1. today, Palmbux went online with the new server for forum and other fixes in the database.. however, there were some bugs in viewing ads as to no confirmation indicating the credits earned..

    the admins and staffs were dealing with this right now and maybe be all well sooner than expected..

  2. good news, Palmbux is back.. as of today Palmbux has resolved most of the problems and is back on the track.. longlive Palmbux..

  3. after a couple of days from being online, Palmbux is now experiencing some technical problems.. it seemed that bugs were not totally fixe at all or what could it be this time?

  4. The site seems to be okay at first, the confirmation after clicking the ads now appears however until now I cannot have my first payment because everytime I request payment, this message appears "PayPal cashflow regulation for whole cashouts is active. Please try again at 12am (00:00) server time. For more information about the cashflow regulation please read our FAQ.

    But when you click the FAQ and the Forum tabs, there is no content. I think this site has become a scam like "TheClixWorld.Com".

  5. hey Carol,
    it really is annoying when cashouts are suspended.. Before Palmbux went into deep trouble, they already have these issues with Paypal and, of course, cashouts were at halt.. as of now, it would be undeniable that those issues still are unresolved or worsen..

    PTC investigations had already marked Palmbux to be scam, that site gave detailed information about it.. for now, its early for me to say it as a scam.. but plenty of negative comments are flooding the net today..

    just don't lose hope for it to be back, since you have some cold cash waiting to be withdrawn in there.. LOL..

  6. This site is up now but is it paying?

  7. yup, it is up now.. though there are some changes from the previous Palmbux, payments are up since December last year..


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