Friday, April 8, 2011

Alcoholic Drinks

It has been centuries that these items became one of the most famous and widely distributed products worldwide. A fan myself, had encountered a few, but I must admit there still a lot more to be tasted, LOL! I'd say this is one of the best discoveries mankind ever achieved. The ingenuity of those genius makers is astounding. And the drunkenness state of a human being is inevitably awesome and at the same time hilarious, LOL! Well, here's a list of some alcoholic drinks I have known from A to Z.

A - Absolut(Vodka), Absinthe, Aperitif
B - Baileys(Irish Cream), Beer, Brandy, Budweiser(Beer), Becks(Beer), Blowjob(Cocktail), Bourbon, Bombay Sapphire(Gin)
C - Courvoisier(Cognac), Calsberg(Beer), Cognac, Champagne, Cocktails

D - Dancing Bull(Wine), Digestif
E - Erdinger(Beer), Echelon(Wine), El Hombre(Tequila)
F - Fat Bastard(Wine)
G - Gin, Guinness(Beer)
H - Heineken(Beer), Hoegaarden(Beer)
I - Irish Mist(Whiskey), Jose Cuervo(Tequila)
J - Jim Beam(Whiskey), Jack Daniels(Whiskey), Johnnie Walker(Scotch Whiskey)
K - Kapuziner(Beer), Kendall Jackson(Wine)
L - Lindemann's(Wine)
M - Murphy's (Irish Stout), Mojito(Cocktail), Maker's Mark(Bourbon), Margarita(Cocktail)
N - Nocello(Cocktail)
O - Oettinger(Beer), Ouzo(Aperitif)
P - Pepperwood(Wine), Patron(Tequila)
Q - Quail's Run(Wine)
R - Rum, Remy Martin(Cognac)
S - Smirnoff(Vodka), Stella Atois(Beer), Scotch Whiskey, Sherry, Stout
T - Tequila, Tres Sombreros(Tequila)

U - Unicum(Aperitif & Digestif)
V - Vodka
W - Wheat Beer(Beer), Whiskey, Weng-Weng(Cocktail)
X - X rated(Cocktail)
Y - Yellowtail (Wine)
Z - Zombie (Cocktail)

Before it has always been a reminder to DRINK MODERATELY. However, as times changes, today it is said to DRINK RESPONSIBLY.


  1. Very creative post, zingalvs! This post should be titled as The A-Z of Alcoholic Drinks or something like that. I also noticed the change of the reminder that government provides consumers. Nice ending! :)

  2. Many alcoholic drinks are really tempting - but people should also take note about the dangers and perils of drinking too much. With this, even food and liqour retailers should be given education too about proper distribution and use of alcoholic drinks. Answers to this may be proper alcohol training courses that will train and teach them everything they need to know about proper retailing of it.


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