Saturday, October 24, 2009

Inovabux moves forum

Yesterday, Admin announced that Inovabux will move the forum to a new location. This may be a little bit cumbersome as to go to another site to view forums, but Admin has a great reason as to this re-allocation be made.

Here is what Admin said,
Hello everyone !

Analyzing all requests in the forum we have decided to move our forum to another location.

First of all forum is completely different and has all requested features including language support. It will be "shared" with "Money Makers" forum. PTC is money making too so I think in the future you will find a lot of useful info there. Obviously Inovabux forum is separated from other topics. So forum is separated. That will make Inovabux run a lot faster. All registered members of Inovabux are able to log in to new forum with their usernames and passwords.

We are unable to move all posts and topics. If you created a topic and you think it's important or has not been answered yet - please copy and post in the new forum. If someone thinks a topic should be copied to the new forum - please do. Moderators will help with that. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

All new topics SHOULD be posted in the new forum, The old one will be closed very soon.

Members contributing news/information/tips about money making in the net to the forum (not Inovabux sub-forum) will get rewarded. You even can promote your way of making money and post your referrals links explaining DETAILED how does the method work.

Here is the link: MM Society

That's all for now.
Inovabux team.

Here's the forum discussion and comments.
New Forum.

I think there is another option without moving the forum, it is by getting a much better server. But, I guess, it would be a lot better to move the forum to a new location if site's performance would be affected. It might be quite troublesome going to another site to view news, updates, and the likes. May be members will just get used to it in any way.


  1. I`m Ruby and I can go few days INOVABUX!!!
    Neither the forum.

    WHAT`S UP ???

  2. good day,

    if anyone comes to have read this post, inovabux has long been closed.. what's sad is that it is one promising new PTC site at that time, and when i say that, it means it's not just words the site is giving to members..

    this post may not be so useful anymore, also, some images were unable to be displayed since those images were banners from the site..


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