Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bigmoneyptc Is A Scam

It has been more than 2 months since I had personally requested a cashout from this PTC site. It was created in May 02, 2009 and would expire on May 02 this year. It has been 9 months since it was launched and has paid more than $230,000.00, Really? Maybe.. Bigmoneyptc is a known PTC site since it is one of the PTC sites that promised for a payment of $1 per ad viewed. Which, by far, exceeded all offers of other PTC sites around. Sounds good, right?

NO! That sounds very good.. I know right away that this is very suspicious, but maybe i was just so curious or was just trying to do something, lol , so I tried it anyway, so as to satisfy my hard-headed feature.. ;) To make the story short, I made it to having cashout and was waiting for 60 days (the length of time to wait for the cold $1,000 USD to arrive), but not even a cent was sent.

What I did?
I logged in today for the last time and viewed my payment history. No surprise, nothing has changed since the day I have requested this cashout.

  • cashout not given
  • no response from staff for assistance
  • no other payment proofs and mostly negative criticisms
  • owner, admin, and staffs are unknown
  • an email which is so much alike with that email of another PTC site

This is weird and is very doubtful. How can two different PTC sites have the same email format, the same content and context, and have the same offer? Look at the two images below and see it for yourself.

Click image(s) to view original size.

Note: Encircled are the differences of the two emails, with date and subject as given.

I'm not going to recommend this PTC site to anybody, unless you're a hard-headed as me. And, I will support those that denounces this PTC site. Bigmoneyptc is a scam, and maybe Grandptc too, which is so very highly possible. Also, I will no longer waste something on Grandptc, I'm really not that hard-headed, lolz.. ;)

PTC Investigations


  1. is it really true? that it was scam i am using it right now

  2. hey jemilyn,

    it's a shame to have this response so very late, since i had some problems with my settings and wasn't able notice your comment since just today..

    anyway, everything mentioned above was based on my experience with the site and some other comments from critics..

    if you feel doubtful about the site, you should not waste time anymore.. however, if you're still optimistic, there's nothing wrong with continuing with what you are doing, you don't know it might be true for you since they're still up until today.. they seemed to have not taken much yet..

    as for me, it's all over now..


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