Sunday, May 8, 2011

How To Get Subtitles

This guide will help you download subtitles using Media Player Classic (MPC). The preferred player is MPC Home Cinema. You can download subtitles without opening any website using ISDb protocol. has loads of subs. This info was originally posted in the said site. I started using this for a very long time then and still very helpful with me and hopefully also to those who seeks this. A big thanks and credits to the owner (OS). I have just modified some parts for latest versions of MPC-HC.

Quoted this nice note by OS:
"Problem with MPC is, no subtitle database currently exists, so no one can use its unique features. I grabbed some MPC source codes, and programmed ISDb support. Let’s see how it works, it is really simple, and if you will setup MPC, you will (almost) never use “normal” searching anymore."

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open MPC, Go to View-> Options.

Step 2: This window will appear. Go to Playback -> Output, change settings to EVR Custom Pres.** – if you will not change this, Download will be disabled. If there is no video, try VMR-9 (renderless).

Step 3: Then, go to Subtitles -> Misc, on Online Database textbox, paste this URL “” - you can test it if you want. Click Apply and OK.

Step 4: Open some movie (drag and drop or CTRL+O), then go to File -> Subtitle Database -> Download...

Step 5: A window will appear containing available subs. Check the checkbox of your desired language, click 'Download & Open' button.

You are now watching the movie with subtitles!

You can save the subs too. Go to File -> Save Subtitle... (Ctrl+S), the sub is saved with .srt format along with a .style file (you can delete this file).

If no subtitles are available – don’t panic, go to File -> Subtitle Database -> Search, this will open your default web browser and hopefully it finds something. If this step fails too, you have to search those subtitles manually – if they exists on the website it means they are not connected with your movie, so it should be nice, if you upload them again.

Open Subtitles


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