Sunday, May 1, 2011

Firefox 4

Recently, Mozilla has released the 4th version of their web browser Firefox. After Firefox 3.6, the new version is quite different from the original version, or shall I say versions, of Firefox. The look, the feel, the over-all feat is like totally different. I thought of it as a different web browser at first glance. LOL! However, it's more likely quite a bit awesome than before.

Here are some nice updates:

  1. Add-ons Manager
  2. App Tab
  3. Awesome Bar
  4. Bookmark Button
  5. Customize Toolbar
  6. Firefox Menu Button
  7. Instant Website ID
  8. Password Manger
  9. Personas
  10. Private Browsing
  11. Sync
  12. Switch Tab
  13. Tabs On Top

Well, I won't detail those updates as it's in their website. But, I think Firefox 4 is the best version so far. All of the updates mentioned above were separate features of this browser. They're scattered from many different webpages. And now this integration furthers Firefox's functionality and ease of use. As an avid fan of Mozilla Firefox, hopefully, this integration won't affect the efficiency and speed of this beautiful browser. This is a great job from Mozilla. Maybe next time a lot more great feats will come. The only downside I've seen so far, is that, it looks like a little of Opera. I might have some eye problems. LOL!

You can download the latest version at
Mozilla/Firefox Website

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