Friday, May 27, 2011

What Happened To Palmbux?

It has been like weeks, probably a month now, I noticed that Palmbux isn't loading the pages and consequently accounts can't be accessed. Being a member, for quite a while, I have been checking this site daily hoping that I could get back into my Palmbux account. However, until now, Palmbux ain't online yet.Though I was just quiet about this before, but now I think something is really wrong about it. Then suspicions and doubts now came flooding, not just from me, but also to other members. 

What Really Happened?
As of now, nobody can give the exact answer. The owners can't be contacted anymore. No other information was given from the owner about what really had happened. And everybody is complaining about their accounts, investments and earnings, and are commenting and posting negative feedbacks about the site. Though I can't blame them, but it has been like that for Palmbux where before the site almost became scam.

Palmbux History
I can say that I was with about three (3) owners of Palmbux. The first one probably was the best for me, everything was awesome, people were cool, and money was better. In my recall, it was at the verge to V3 that second owner came but he's the worst of all in terms of socialization or the ownership as a whole. Then not for long the third one came, though I commend him for he really tried to make Palmbux better the problems probably were too much to handle. For a PTC site, plenty of issues came, and what really caused all the ups and downs of Palmbux was the debt they had from the first time there was a change of ownership. Though I don't really know when, to whom, why, and how those debts were referring to, everybody lost lots of earnings here - well, don't know if someone was earning from it.

I'd wait for a couple more months before I could say this site is SCAM. Along with some investigations and contacts' feedbacks about this then I would have my conclusion. For now, I would NOT RECOMMEND this site to anyone and don't waste your time about Palmbux.

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