Saturday, July 30, 2011

Avast! Antivirus

avast!, have been using this antivirus software for a few years now since other AV software previously used did not give me what was expected. This has been atop of my PC securities currently used. At first, I tried the avast! Free AntiVirus, there was this unique online registration for your Home-based use of the free software, which gave some more securities than the unregistered one. The software did great for me, though not really a heavy internet user, I decided to go avast! Pro Antivirus. Now, they're giving some discounts for customers and it's about 75% off for upgrading your current AV for a 1-year license for one unit.

Well, obviously,  other features will be added when upgrading, but what I'm after was their reliability and effectiveness of the securities. They also have some other products with higher protection and more features intended for business and serious users. For me, I'll say am one of the satisfied users.

Great work from avast! team.

avast! Official Site

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