Thursday, November 25, 2010

Clixsense Contest Continues

Seemed like it was just somewhat yesterday when this contest from Clixsense had started. No doubt about it and the contest was finished, but, shall I say the first phase of the contest has just ended. Though the first winner was not so familiar, the contest just proved that Clixsense sure has a lot of money to be given away. LOL!

Anyway, congratulations to the first winner. Mohammad Tarikussaman from Bangladesh, which received $250.00 in to his account. Lucky guy he is..

Click image to view original size.

Just as the first phase of the contest ended, the second phase had just started. Now, it is even bigger and better. This time there will be 10 winners instead of one, maybe that was kind of exaggeration, since these 10 winners will only receive $25.00 which also totaled to prize the first winner had in his account. The difference was it all his. Maybe this time Clixsense wants a few more people to be happy. Not bad being given with $25.00 after only installing a toolbar.

Click image to view original size.

This was a nice idea made by Clixsense. After these contests are done, the winners would be happy and all other else may be eager to have another some more contests. Good luck to all that had joined for this contest.

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