Friday, February 4, 2011

The Cove [2009]

The Cove is a documentary film and was released in August 2009. The gutsy infiltration showed in this film of exposing the vicious undertaking of natural resources was such a bold move. The team and the production had done great in this documentary.

This film at first glance was quite like a random just-OK-film, but after what was revealed in this motion picture it incinerated emotions globally not just only for those who loved dolphins but to all who cared about nature. This film may be very disturbing as it may be considered a crime for a relentless slaughter.

This documentary was nominated and won several awards like, Academy Awards, American Cinema Editors, Directors Guild of America, LA Film Critics Association Awards, and many more. This is a great documentary and is recommended to be seen, but not for weak stomach. I'll have an 8/10 rating for this film.

  • Story - 7/10
  • Effects - 3/10
  • Casting - 5/10
  • Picture - 4/10
  • Bloodshed - 7/10
  • Nudity - 1/10
  • Action - 2/10
  • Drama - 8/10
  • Comedy - 1/10
  • Horror - 6/10
  • Actors - 7/10
  • Actresses - 3/10

The Cove (2009) Official Site
IMDB - The Cove (2009)

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