Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Megaupload Trick

Are you familiar with Megaupload?

If ain't yet, it's a file server site that would host your files so that you could access those files online and share those files with friends and other people.. For more details Click Here.

There are two membership types in Megaupload:
  1. Free membership
  2. Premium membership

The features and differences between the two can read in there website.

Now, this trick will able a free member to download as a premium user. Sounds difficult?

Well, the technique is in the link, just do this with your acquired links.

The download link will look like this:

Just add mgr_dl.php after the .com/ so the new link becomes:

No captcha code, No countdown timer, Full speed download.

Note: This has been tried, but may not be that effective now. Maybe they have figured this is out, but why not try.

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