Friday, April 29, 2011

How to Download from Youtube

Being one of the famous, if not the most, video streaming site in the web today. Youtube archives tons of video files. Sometimes videos shared are cool and awesome, and having a local copy is quite a good option especially when you really liked the shared video.

However, these videos can't be downloaded just instantly as the site does not feature it. But the good part is that some easy tools are available to help with this process. And the best part is that these tools are free.

Before you can start the service, these applications must first be downloaded and be installed in your PCs (the links are in the References below). These files are just small-size applications and has easy-to-follow installation instructions. Just don't forget, you can install both but just one is fine.

Download through:
  1. Real Player
  2. Free Youtube Downloader

#1. Real Player is a media player. After installing Real Player, this is not just a media player but somewhat has some feature to download videos as well. This feature is to download flash video from the net into your computer.

How does this work?
Before this will work you need to have Flash Player add-on in your browser. You can download Adobe Flash Player and install it. After it has been installed:
  1. open browser
  2. go to youtube
  3. select your video

Once the video starts to load, hover your mouse on the video. A download button will appear on the upper right corner of the video frame.

After clicking that button, a RealPlayer download window will appear and download starts. 

The good about Real Player?
  • it comes with a media player
  • can be used on any video sharing sites (not just youtube)
  • supports parallel download
  • can be minimize to tray

The bad?
  • file format is .flv only
  • needs another appz for conversion

#2. Free Youtube Downloader is a download manager as well as a conversion application. So easy to use that all you need is copy-paste and click.

How does this work?
  1. open browser
  2. go to youtube
  3. select your video
  4. copy the entire address
  5. open Free Youtube Downloader
  6. paste address in the text box
  7. select Output Format
  8. select Quality

The good about Free Youtube Downloader?
  • supports conversion (also convert while downloading)
  • directly splits mp3 (for mp3 DL only)
  • user-defined video output quality

The bad?
  • few selected conversion file formats
  • one download at a time
  • can't be hidden to tray

Having both will sometimes come in handy. These appz don't hoard that much memory anyway.

Free Youtube Downloader Site
Real Player Official Site

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