Friday, August 5, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger [2011]

Captain America: The First Avenger is an Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi movie and was released on July 2011. This is an early story of the rise of Captain America. As Steve Rogers (Evans) tried to get enlisted in the army he got rejected due to his unfit physical attributes and health problems. He then found his hopes with Dr. Abraham Erskine (Tucci) when Rogers volunteered in an experimental program that turned him into a super soldier. After successfully saving his best friend together with imprisoned soldiers, Captain America became a true soldier and hero. As Howard Stark (Cooper) developed the impregnable shield and reliable soldiers along with him, Captain America leads to stop the menace of Red Skull (Weaving) for world domination.

What this film failed is that the fight scenes were quite poorly directed, they were short and not concise. There was a weird scene when Rogers jumped over a gate, it was like a toy held by a hand to jump over the gate - LOL! Evans did a good job of being Rogers here, however, he can't be Human Torch anymore. The CGI effect of the original Rogers was good enough, though head was quite large. Since Red Skull was somewhat teleported somewhere, he may also be seen in The Avengers.

Another beautiful Marvel movie. I'll have a 7/10 rating for this movie.

  • Story - 5/10
  • Effects - 7/10
  • Casting - 4/10
  • Picture - 6/10
  • Bloodshed - 4/10
  • Nudity - 2/10
  • Action - 7/10
  • Drama - 4/10
  • Comedy - 3/10
  • Horror - 4/10
  • Actors - 6/10
  • Actresses - 4/10

Captain America (2011) Official Site
IMDB - Captain America (2011)

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