Friday, August 12, 2011

Shelter [2010]


Shelter is a Horror | Mystery | Suspense movie and was released in March 2010. Cara Harding (Moore) was intrigued about the multiple personality of a man whom her psychiatrist father Dr. Harding (DeMunn) had been observing. At first, Cara was reluctant to take the case of David (Meyers), but after a few assessments, she got curious as to the people and events she uncovered were relating to something paranormal. Then, as she went deeper into the case and was wanting to help David, her faith was put to the test and her family to danger. Now, she needs to solidify her faith and act quickly before crimes further be committed and her family be taken.

What this film failed is that Granny Holler Witch (Feurring) seemed to be just a passing bystander. She can be blamed as to the cause of the menace as to giving the curse of sheltering and released the wicked soul on the mountain, it means she should have full support on Cara fight against the sheltering. 

Moore and Meyers did a great job here and never thought that their tandem would be awesome. A beautiful Horror movie and is recommended. I'll have a 8/10 rating for this movie.

  • Story - 8/10
  • Effects - 4/10
  • Casting - 8/10
  • Picture - 5/10
  • Bloodshed - 5/10
  • Nudity - 1/10
  • Action - 4/10
  • Drama - 8/10
  • Comedy - 1/10
  • Horror - 8/10
  • Actors - 7/10
  • Actresses - 8/10

Shelter (2010) Official Site
IMDB - Shelter (2010)

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