Monday, December 14, 2009

Change Personal Settings

It was just a few days passed where V3 was launched but did have some problems and are being fixed by Palmbux Team. However, admin did not forget to remind the members to add security to one's account to further strengthen the safety. Please refer to this post for the info about that. Registration And Password.

How to change Personal Settings?
  1. log-in to your account. (will be re-directed to My Account after successful log-in)
  2. go to your account. My Account.
  3. look for the member's settings bar, located below the Palmbux header name.
  4. find the Settings button. (encircled with red in the image below)
  5. place mouse cursor over the button and wait for the sub-menu to flash out
  6. click the Personal link
  7. fill in the blanks required and follow the instructions

Click image to view original size.

Being one of the avid members of Palmbux, I also have my Personal Settings changed, as shown in the image above, which is in accordance to what admin have warned. Security is relatively needed as rampant attacks in the internet are not uncommon. Also, do not forget to enter your current password to save changes in your account.

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