Sunday, December 13, 2009

Registation And Password

The other day, admin announced that some minor problems were now resolved. It may be some effects from the recently DDoS attack. Although, no damage done to accounts and other important files and scripts, having highly security is required.

Here's what admin said:
Dear member,

The past 2 days, password reset doesn't work. And, newly registered members did not get their verification email. Now, both problems are solved.

I also want to mention again that you have to add a secondary password and PIN.
If your account will be hacked and you lost money because you didn't add those things - we wont refund any money.

Best regards,

Here's the full forum discussion.
12th Dec: Password reset & Registration.

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It's good news to hear that those problems are already resolved. It would prevent distrust for new comers. Also, a good reminder from admin is to add further security to one's account. I think that would increase safety for all member. Palmbux is a great PTC.

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