Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Qualitybux Cashout Cancelled

It has been more than a month since I had my first cashout request with Qualitybux.

Please refer to this is the previous post for details.
Is Qualitybux a Scam?

Due to delays in the cashout and some not-so-good reviews about them, I was kinda hesitant to continue my relations with this PTC. Although, with my pending request, I was still optimistic about the cashout. When I viewed my account today, I found out that my cashout request was canceled by admin (image below).

Also, the date I have the request was incredibly wrong, since this PTC had just started this year. But, i guess, I still can't get enough.

So, here's what I did.

I requested another payment. And, guess what, although I was inactive, my earnings increased. That's something fishy. Hmmmm, opt to find some info.

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