Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What Happened to V3?

A celebration of Palmbux of its success when it started way back a year ago. Along with the news was the announcement of running the new Palmbux version V3. The much awaited new Palmbux site. With this new hard-worked place to continue business with it, a new and elegant V3 went online. Lots of members were excited and happy about this.

Here's the forum discussion of V3 launch.
Finally V3.

After the success of the release of V3 online , the real testing of the new site was on, testing the features with the current numbers of members Palmbux have. With lots of people using the net, many possibilities could have happened. And, an announcement was made today from admin. Three days have passed and bugs were found in V3. Many features were damaged due to a DDoS Attack. With the decisive team, Palmbux used the former version while bugs were to be resolved.

Here's what admin said:
We' re already working on the problems of V3

Dear member,

all of you recognized the problems while launching V3. First site was over 1.5 days offline because of a DDoS attack. Then we started V3 and noticed that most of our files were damaged and did not work as for example the view ads or forum page.

All important features and graphics were lost because of this attack. We decided to change to V2 and fix these problems on V3. Right now we' re already working on all these bugs to start V3 in a full working version again.

I just can say sorry - But we will launch V3 and this time it will be big.

Best regards,

Here's the forum discussion on this problem.
8th Dec: Where is V3?
It is a better to use the former version while having the bugs of the new version get fixed. A nice move from the Palmbux Team. Hopefully this would not last so long, as features related to ads were also affected in the former version.

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