Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Palmbux is back!

After a few days down because of new server transfer, Palmbux is now back to business. Although, there were a few bugs found that slows down the site, the Palmbux Team promised that it will be fixed in no time. Just like what they always did. Eventually, everything seemed fine today, except that, banners and smileys are not yet showing up. Well, i guess I'll just wait until this would have resolved. I believe in the Palmbux Team. And yes, it's a lot faster than the previous server. Horray!!!

Here's the full forum discussion,
Welcome Back!!!

Join me now in Palmbux!

This new server is a lot faster than the previous one in terms of viewing ads, renting refs, site browsing, etc. Many are now happy with this new event of Palmbux. I hope this just won't be good for a start, but this would maintain like this. Another good job from the Palmbux Team!!!

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