Monday, October 31, 2011

Super Fast Shutdown

This might not be a new one but somehow this could be quite a good app to have - not that you don't know how to shutdown your computer.. LOL! Maybe you are in a hurry or maybe you are too lazy to wait for the regular time of shutting down your PC, which could take a few seconds, minutes or more. This app is a bit faster than from that previous post Create A Shutdown Shortcut.

Software Information:
  • Product Name : Super Fast Shutdown
  • File Type : Application
  • File Version :
  • File Size : 876KB
  • Author : Waresoft Software
  • Category : Utilities - System Maintenance
  • Release Date : April 20, 2009
  • Operating Systems : Win2000/NT, WinXP or later

This software is safe and has been tried and tested by thousands of users already. But, a quick note, due to the nature of how this app run this might be detected as a threat by malware or virus apps. The software may be altered if downloaded from a different site - the one i used was from Simtel (link below). You can try it and if it may not be that useful, uninstall it anytime.

Web Site : Simtel - SuperFast Shutdown

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