Sunday, October 9, 2011

How To Make Thumbnails

Making thumbnails is usually used for screenshots to publish quality of a movie file with respect to the video. It serves as a preview of the movie. 

There are many software to create or generate thumbnails. But this guide will tackle on using Media Player Classic. Since I'm also using this media player then we can utilize its feature to create a thumbnail. It's easy and fast with a few instructions. It's like counting 1 to 10.. LMAO!

Before we start make sure you have the MPC installed in your computer. You can get it on many Codec Packs available since this media player is usually included in those packs like K-Lite Codec Pack, XP Codec Pack, and more. Or you can directly get it at FileHippo MPC.

Why use this software?

  • runs on all Windows OS
  • Open Source
  • is a media player
  • small and lightweight
  • supports plenty of media formats
  • you can get subtitles from it

  • runs only in Windows OS

Here's How To Make Thumbnails:

1. open desired movie to have thumbnails with mpc
2. go to File > Save Thumbnails...

3. a window will appear
4. from there, you can adjust
  • number of rows and columns to display
  • file format
  • image width by pixels

Then just go to where you saved the image and that's it.. You then have your screenshots in thumbnails.. Everything else is done by the player automatically. You then can share the image you created. Well, good luck with that.. LOL!

Here's A Sample Output:

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