Sunday, October 30, 2011

Your Highness [2011]

Your Highness is an Adventure | Comedy movie and was released in April 2011. It started when Prince Fabious (Franco) arrived in their kingdom of Mourne from his quest when the wicked wizard Leezar (Theroux) took his bride-to-be Belladonna (Deschanel). Now Fabious will began a new quest to save his love along with his easy-going, weed-lover and jealous brother Prince Thadeous (McBride). Though betrayed by their companions, they met a new friend Isabel (Portman) having the same quest of defeating Leezar. Together, they must hurry before the twin moon aligns and the evil wizard continues his evil plans.

What this film failed is that it's filled with discontinuity of the scenes, like a sword was unsheathed but then suddenly it's not or some clothes suddenly changed or some scenes must have come before a previous scene - maybe that's part of being funny. Danny McBride was hilarious and did great in this movie, James Franco and Zooey Deschanel had a good chemistry too.

This is a good and funny movie. I'll have a 6/10 rating for this movie.

  • Story - 4/10
  • Effects - 6/10
  • Casting - 5/10
  • Picture - 6/10
  • Bloodshed - 5/10
  • Nudity - 3/10
  • Action - 5/10
  • Drama - 3/10
  • Comedy - 7/10
  • Horror - 2/10
  • Actors - 6/10
  • Actresses - 4/10

Your Highness (2011) Official Site
IMDB - Your Highness (2011)

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