Wednesday, October 12, 2011

True Legend [2010]

True Legend is an Action | Drama movie and was released in February 2010. After retiring being a general, Su Can (Man Cheuk Chiu) lived a respectable life along with his wife and son. Then his vengeful brother, Yuan (Andy On) returns home as a new district governor armed with the deadly Five Venom Fists, beheaded his stepfather who ought to have killed his biological father due to practicing the forbidden technique, defeated Su Can and took Su Can's son with him. As Su Can healed, he learned a unique martial arts style - the Drunken Fist - directly from the Wushu god. After mastering the new technique, he rises to honor his family through retribution fighting his brother in a battle to the death. Now, it's his time to save his family and himself from total destruction.

What this film failed is that there was a diversion of the storyline where it should have ended after the brother's fight. A story of a brotherhood and honor turned to becoming a Wushu master. I guess, the director can't find in the script where to fit all those action and stunts without extending to a different story. Good that great fighting skills are shown.

This is a good movie. I'll have a 7/10 rating for this movie.

  • Story - 5/10
  • Effects - 6/10
  • Casting - 5/10
  • Picture - 6/10
  • Bloodshed - 5/10
  • Nudity - 1/10
  • Action - 8/10
  • Drama - 5/10
  • Comedy - 2/10
  • Horror - 2/10
  • Actors - 6/10
  • Actresses - 5/10

True Legend (2010) Official Site
IMDB - True Legend (2010)

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