Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nightmare On Elm Street [2010]

A Nightmare On Elm Street is a Horror | Mystery | Thriller movie and was released in April 2010. A remake of the 1984 movie of the same title. A group of teens in a certain town were haunted in their dreams by the infamous claw-handed Freddy. As the teens tried to identify this horror in their lives they ought to find a different truth tracing way back from their childhood hidden from them by their parents, they can't go to sleep in any moment. Now, as almost everybody are getting killed and are taking micro naps due to lack of sleep, a couple of those that were left got to do something before Freddy owns them.

What this film failed is that Freddie Krueger (Jackie Earle Hayley) is not that scary at all. Though the acting of Hayley is good, since he amuses me in his appearance in the Watchmen movie, but Freddy failed to give the creeps. The original flick was one of my favorite horror movies, did gave me the shivers. Also, all other acting were quite fine. For horror fanatics out there, this might not just as entertaining as expected. But hell, who can forget that Freddy claw.

This is a not-so-good movie though this was nominated at Empire & Teen Choice Awards. I'll have a 4/10 rating for this movie.

  • Story - 4/10
  • Effects - 5/10
  • Casting - 3/10
  • Picture - 4/10
  • Bloodshed - 7/10
  • Nudity - 1/10
  • Action - 3/10
  • Drama - 3/10
  • Comedy - 1/10
  • Horror - 4/10
  • Actors - 5/10
  • Actresses - 3/10

A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010) Official Site
IMDB - A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)

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