Friday, October 14, 2011

uTris In uTorrent

uTorrent is a widely used bit torrent client in the net now. I could say, the hottest one today. And if you don't know what this is, then welcome to earth my friend.. LMAO! 

Now, do you know something about uTris? Maybe you might have known this already, but somehow I find this cute and I never had imagined that this existed in uTorrent. Not a high end app or an overwhelming feature from this beautiful software, but if you want to waste some little time, yo might find this a bit good. A friend got hooked into this for a while and I LOLed at her.. (",)

What is uTris?
Is the short for uTorrent tetris. A mini game that is hidden from this client. I really don't know what this is for, but maybe just for the sake of wasting time, a little time.. Also, don't say it repeatedly over and over, 'cause it will sound like "uterus" - and it's weird.. LMAO!

How To Find uTris?
1. Open your uTorrent client
2. Go to Help
3. Then Select About uTorrent

4. A window will appear, showing a brief info

5. From that window, press the letter "T"
6. And poof, there goes the uTris

And that's it.. Not that amusing feat of uTorrent but I find it cute though.. I must have been very good with tetris.. LOL! Enjoy with your uTris..

Source: PTN - uTorrent Hidden Game

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