Thursday, November 12, 2009

No cash during Cashout!

A few days have passed since the return of Palmbux with its new server. A message from Palmbux Team proudly announcing the success of the transfer to the new server. Refer to my previous post for info about this. Palmbux is back!

As was claimed, there still have some minor problems that are needed to b resolved. Now, one of the problems, which I noticed when I was about to cashout, a prompt appeared that surprised me with its message. All payments are currently disabled. I was about to send a support ticket when I browsed at the forum for info and I saw a post about it. I knew that it only did not happened to me.

View this post for info. What Happened To cashout?

Although, I'm not dismayed for not having some cashout today, I knew they won't keep my earned money. This might have been temporarily disabled due to some minor problems that are to be resolved. I think this is a good move from the Palmbux Team to prevent further bigger problems which might arise when money is on the line.

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