Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lower Fees in Paypal

Admin brought some very good news for you all Palmbux members. The promise that something good will happen about the Fees. The team had just initiated the process after many phone calls and meetings with PayPal staff. The announcement made yesterday was all about fees, about lowering fees. And, it is with Paypal.

Here's what admin said:

How it works:

They ask us to keep the money flow in some sort of control and they are ready to chop our fees more then 50%. So they want us to test this system to see if it is possible and could be done properly.

Therefore from now on, cashouts will be in a certain ratio of the receipts of that day (Which Paypal Decides). We are not stopping cashouts, its just that the Flow of money to palmbux will affect how much goes out.

Benefits for this system:
  1. Paypal explained us pretty well that this system will see to it that the health of Palmbux is always intact and it keeps paying.
  2. Users wont have to pay high Fees.
  3. Friendly relations with paypal are always good
  4. Upcoming new features from PayPal exclusively for PalmBux
But i guess Paypal will reduce the fees for us after some days of testing.The day they reduce it, we will reduce it here and notify you all.

And finally, V3 preparations are in full force.
You guys are going to love it ;)

Palmbux Team

Here's the full forum discussion.
24th Nov.: Cooperation with PayPal (Fees)

Join me in PALMBUX!

I guess, that is one of a great news. That's a great update, especially when V3 is also coming up. As what admin strongly stated, members are going to love it. Can't wait on that.

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