Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Svbux Renting Time

The Svbux renting time was initially set last August 2009 to be every 6:00 and 20:00 o'clock (server time) where Referrals Packs will available for rent everyday. And, as a disclaimer, admin said that unless some technical difficulties arise or not enough referrals for sale, referrals would be available.

Last September 2009, there were changes to schedule and it was re-set to be every 01:00, 07:00, 13:00, and 19:00 server time. This new schedule has been followed for all Svbux members for now.

Server Time:
  • 01:00 (1:00 AM)
  • 07:00 (7:00 AM)
  • 13:00 (1:00 PM)
  • 19:00(7:00 AM)

Here's the forum discussion. Renting Referrals Time.

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I guess the initial time schedule is quite too tight given the fact that there are thousands of Svbux members hunting for refs. With this changed schedule, this would make it easier for all the members worldwide to adjust once preference towards renting refs. Having four renting time schedules is great enough to cover all time zones.

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