Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sv Investor now Official

Last Sunday, admin posted about some good news. It is that Sv Investor, the new membership account added to the system, has been officially launched. This is a continuation of Sv Investor added.

Here's what admin said,
Sv Investor Membership has been officially launched.
The price is:
- 449$ From Business to Investor
- 528$ From Standard to Investor.

Rental Queue for Business Members has been added.
The prices are:
Standard Queue - 35$ for 100 referrals (48 hours)
Express Queue - 45$ for 100 referrals (24 hours)

And the price for tickets in Referrals Jackpot has been changed from 2$ to 2.5$ per ticket.

Here's the full forum discussion. Sunday News.

Join me now in Svbux.
SvBux - Simplicity And Innovativeness!

Now, that this newly added membership account type is now officially launched, many Standard and Business members would be enjoying with this new way to make more money.

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