Thursday, November 19, 2009

Half A Million Money

Palmbux Team, have announced the other day about a very great achievement in the history of Palmbux. I guess, the date is very noted date for all the members, and especially to the Palmbux Team.

Here's what Palmbux said,
Hello dear PalmBux family.

Today, Palmbux reached the achievement of having paid out more than $500,000 US dollars! In a 1 month and 2 days, Palmbux paid out more than $100,000 if THAT isn't an achievement, then tell me what it is.

Without doubts, I can say that this will be one of the most remembered dates in the history of PalmBux!

Congratulations to everybody who have received a share of these $500,000 and a huge thumbs up to those who will soon receive their first payment

A HUGE thanks to the Palmbux family which you, and I and everybody belongs to. And last but not least, a humongous congratulation & thanks to everybody who contributed to make this possible. I am talking about everybody who invested their money and time in Palmbux. You are the ones whom made this possible

And of course not to forget, our beloved admin and staff team, which I have the pleasure of belonging to. And also, An official thanks from me, for being welcomed with such open arms in the Palmbux Team.

Here's the full forum discussion.
16 November 2009 - $ 500000 paid.

Join me in PALMBUX!

This is really one great achievement of Palmbux. With this, it would be an indication that Palmbux is growing and is heading for the better. As members are proud and happy with this event, many also would trust Palmbux as one of the very few legit PTC sites around. Congrats Palmbux!

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