Saturday, November 14, 2009

Palmbux - Second Payment

Today I was paid by Palmbux. Although this was my 2nd cashout, this was my first cashout in the new server. This means that minor problems with the new server were already resolved together with the cashout problem. I am happy that Palmbux remained great up this time.

Click image to view full size:

Site Info:

  • PTC Name : Palmbux
  • Status : Active
  • Payment : Instant
  • Min Cashout : $2
  • Payout Options : PayPal & AlertPay
Membership Info:
  • Membership : Standard
  • Length of Activity : 3 mos.
  • Times Paid : 2nd
I'm hoping for more payments to come. I aim to have monthly cash outs, and not only that, it should be increasing.

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