Friday, November 13, 2009

25% Discount

Today, the Palmbux Team announced of a good news. Well, it is what most shoppers and consumers are waiting almost all of the time. A 25% discount. It is a discount on renewing the refs you have. Hmm, that sounds interesting. Why would that be given?

Here's what the team said,
Hello Palmbux family,

the Palmbux want to say sorry for the problems last days and the downtime, so what can we do for you? Yes, we can make a discount for you! 25% for renewing!

start : 13th nov
end : 14th nov

we wish you a nice weekend!

best regards
your palmbux team!

Here's the full forum discussion.
13th: Good news! 25% Discount for renewing!

Join me with PALMBUX!

This is so nice of Palmbux Team. This is the biggest discount given in any PTC site in any category that I have ever seen. That is a nice move from the Palmbux Team, well, as always. With the better server, hope Palmbux would continue do great.

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