Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cross Browser Security

This feature have been running in Palmbux for a while now. I just thought this might be nice to post this pretty feature, yeah I find this nice. This is called the Cross Browser Session Tracking which was just implemented last September, which is one of the new security measures of Palmbux.

How would this work?
Simple.. If one would try to log-in with different browsers at the same time, it would be detected. And the outcome, would be a 30-minute ban from logging in Palmbux.

What should be done?
Now, all members are requested to follow one usage guidance after logging in, it is to click 'Log Out' before leaving PalmBux site.

Here's the full forum discussion.
Topic: MUST See - New Security implemented.

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This feature might be a little bothersome if you forgot to click the Log Out link.. Actually, I was banned for once, and had learned my lesson.. It's funny when at the same time you were banned, referrals would be available, or bonus ads would come out.. It really pays to follow rules, sometimes, lolz.. But recently, I have noticed that this feature might have been lessen the degree of banning.. If you let your opened account left for a few more minutes without activities in it, the feature of auto-logout would override, and when you try to access the site, you'll be prompted with the login page without the 30 minute ban. Well, maybe I have just left the site unattended more than the alloted banned time, so that's what has prompted me..

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