Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is Qualitybux a Scam?, what is that? another PTC site? Is that a scam?

There are many people also who are not sure about what is going on with this PTC site. Whether this be another "trying to be fix bugs and close" site or a "can't maintain pressure" Ponzi scheme?

Here is what Qualitybux says, "your cursor makes you money".. huh!?


I have found a very nice post that proves this site is not to be TRUSTED! Here's an excerpt from the report:

After careful review, we are adding QualityBux to our Scan List and here are our reasons why:
  1. Payments Stopped! - As of today the last payment proof that has been posted on Aug 31st. It is now Sept 6. Also we requested our payment and have yet to receive it!
  2. Forum Is Now Censored - When they do this, the site has gone scam and it is usually too late. Forums get censored because the number of complaints. However QualityBux would like to make you think that the reason is totally different than that.
  3. Poor Upgrades - For a site that calls themselves "Quality"... there are numerous complaints about the quality of services this site is giving it's upgraded members. In one case a person was terminated after they had to file a complaint with Paypal since support at Qualitybux was not responding to any of their inquiries..
  4. Poor Customer Service - Members complain that staff seem to be avoiding them and not responding to them.
  5. Site is New - Take extra care with new sites. They can be here one day and gone the next. Make sure you test the site out before you purchase upgrades, and never invest more than what you can afford to lose. This site just came out of preLaunch mode.
  6. Whois Private - Owner is hiding their identity. Could it be a privacy issue, maybe to combat spam? We doubt it. There are other owners who do not have these issues and do not have their whois private.

Here's the complete report. PTC Investigation.


Here's what I did..

Click image to view original size:

I did ask for a CASHOUT just recently, actually, October 07, 2009.. Payments are supposed to be instant, but a few days past and still nothing from my cold money. I can say the PTC Investigations have their points crystal clear for Qualitybux. I guess, everybody in Qualitybux are f*cked.. :lol:

This is one of their banners.

NOTE: I don't recommend anybody to this site, until I receive my payments. I think that's fair.

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