Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Inovabux gave money

Yesterday (Oct. 13, 2009), there was a message from Admin. It was showing gratitude to a few Inovabux members for their great support and help that were extended to make Inovabux better. I haven't seen such a generous Admin, maybe only for a start, but it meant a lot to many, if not all, current Inovabux members.

Here's what Admin said,

Hello Everyone!

Well, It's not a prove but:

spawnick /Paid /Waiting for confirmation
marky15 /Paid /Confirmed
kolard99 /Paid /Confirmed
jikiboi /Paid /Confirmed

InovaBux would like to Thank You for your help and support paying $2 each.

We will not access to your accounts. Verify your Paypal accounts in your profile and send a support ticket with paypal e-mail. After receiving the payment plz confirm in this forum.

To other members: Don't worry we all will get paid and we'll fill this forum with proves. It's just a matter of time.

That's all for now. Waiting for confirmation.

Here is the full forum details. First Payments.

Well, for me, that's very nice of Inovabux Admin. Deserving people receiving $2 each. It really pays to help, sometimes.. lol.. Now, as what every Inovabux members are hoping, this site should be one of the great and few PTC sites around.

Sign-up for free and be part of the family.

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