Thursday, October 22, 2009

Server Downtime

There was a server downtime last October 20, 2009 at Palmbux. Many people got worried, but not furious, about what had happened. After the server have recovered and is online, The Palmbux Team posted a thread in response to what had happened the other day. Many were glad that Palmbux is back, and showed full support with the team. Many also were disappointed with had the hosting provider did.

Here's what the Palmbux Team said,

Last night the Palmbux - Server was shut down by our Hoster. Unfortunally we reached the Bandwith limit for this month, just 5 hours before the new paid month started...( the server-month is allways 20th to 19th of each month!

It´s unbelievable that the Hoster stopped the Server, just for these 5 hours... We pay alot for the server - and the new month was already paid - so normally there was no need to interrupt the service...

We are really very disappointed with this hoster - and now we´re gonna change to the new server asap!! The new Server has a lot more Power and unlimited data-transfer. So this won´t happen again. The actual server was back online on midday already - but, to make it fair for all users, we decided to let the Site offline till 0:00 hrs server time.

So, the Site was off for 24 hours - all users will have one day added to their refs and memberships. Also, all users have the necessary clicks added, to be credited for your refs clicks today!!

We are really sorry and apologize for this issue !!

But - we didn´t even think that our actual hoster would treat us this way....

Anyway - all those server-issues of the last weeks will be solved with the server-change and the new Version V3 - probably in 10-15 days!!

Greets & sorry!!

Your Palmbux - Team

Here is the full forum discussions and comments.
Server downtime 20th October

It is a very great decision to move to another server. The upcoming V3 of Palmbux is a much awaited. It is just about 10 days to 15 days wait for its launch. Many are excited about this and just can't wait to have this. If we have these kind of Technical Support, then these new features will be a lot better than the previous.

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